We are a 501(c)3 nonprofit foundation dedicated to the identification and advocacy of adults who are on the spectrum, as well as those with accompanying conditions such as Dyslexia and other learning differences including Twice Exceptional (2e).


Our goal is to empower adults on the ASD spectrum and increase awareness of how Asperger’s many strengths and talents improve society for everybody.


We do this through supporting ASD entrepreneurs, working with educators and first responders, hosting annual events, public speaking, funding research, and the creation of events and productions that are designed to inspire.


Patient Focused
Family Dedicated
Needs Driven Results-Based Spending
Committed To Support All Levels of ASD
Putting the Needs of Those with ASD - Their Friends & Their Family Above All Others 


Advocating Autism Spectrum talents through self-discovery and the identification, and advocacy of adults with Autism and Asperger’s Syndrome


Bringing the benefits of Autism Spectrum Differences to the world


Advocating Autism Spectrum talents through self-discovery and the identification, and advocacy of adults with Autism and Asperger’s Syndrome


We work with diagnosed adult men and women with Asperger’s, then educate their support network, and directly involve them with their accommodations, which positions them for future life success


Asperger’s and Autism in adults are both under-diagnosed and misunderstood. There are few if any opportunities available to these members of our community



Initiatives that directly benefit the ASD community including public awareness. The general public is both underinformed and ill-informed when it comes to Asperger’s and ASD. Additionally, we provide information and training for educators and first responders.


Evidence based, peer reviewed research in adults with ASD as well as entrepreneurial concepts and offerings for those of us who are on the spectrum. Our experienced board includes seasoned experts in finance, marketing and operations that act as a “fractional C suite” for Asperger’s and ASD entrepreneurs. 


The current and historical achievements, benefits, and successes of ASD individuals through general awareness, seminars, presentations in the media, and speaking engagements.


An annual symposium that combines social interaction and accommodations with the latest empirical and academic recommendations for adults with ASD.



 An Asperger’s retreat, think tank, and community designed to provide those on the spectrum with two-week programs that include practical accommodations, a focus on identifying special interests, and turning those interests into rewarding and fulfilling careers. 


A theatrical film based on the true life of an undiagnosed adult with Asperger’s syndrome, with the intent of increasing public understanding and acceptance of ASD. We view this as a critical step to broader understanding and awareness.


Greater understanding of the Asperger’s community “train the trainer” exchanges with educators, community leaders, religious, first responders, and secular organizations.