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Josh Niccolai-Belfi

Adult Asperger’s Advisor & Advocate

My name is Josh Niccolai-Belfi. I was diagnosed with Asperger's at the age of 42, after a lifelong journey attempting to "normalize" myself. As a teen, I discovered and investigated my artistic talent, leading to a lifelong association with the visual arts. My current work takes me outside of the common school of art, and into a world of designing and producing innovative solutions to difficulties found in automobiles and other everyday items. My life's journey with Asperger's could be defined as difficult at times, however, it is the main driving force behind my spatial, visual, and critical thinking abilities. I have found that my extreme ability to hyperfocus on a detailed task has provided me with a valuable skill set, wherein, I create my own initiative and thrive in the freedom to explore my own chosen creative process. The ability to imagine objects in a space, and define the boundaries of those objects, has led me to great personal success. These gifts are undoubtedly granted to me due to my having Asperger's. My goal going forward is to assist others as they navigate and explore the path of personal discovery and the many positive attributes of being on the spectrum of Autism.

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