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The Heron School

Unlocking the gifts of twice exceptional (2e) students.

On the Spectrum Foundation is a proud supporter or Heron School. A new private, secondary school located in Moab, Utah serving neurodivergent learners ages 13-18. Heron School specializes in working with students labeled as “twice-exceptional or 2e”, where the student is an above grade level learner (academically gifted or talented in one or more areas of interest) and has a qualifying learning difference such as autism, dyslexia, and/or ADHD.

Students of Heron School thrive through individualized, project-based curriculum that is developed around their strengths and interests. Driven by instructional scaffolding, Heron School supports students to participate in college-level coursework opportunities and guides students to be ready for independent living after graduation. Heron School students may struggle in the public school system socially, emotionally, and academically due to their unique gifts and neurodiversity…which is why Heron School utilizes a variety of classroom experiences such as one on one instruction, small classes with a 4:1 ratio, project-based courses, online coursework with oversight and facilitation, and an educational setting with minimal external stimulation.

Heron School is located in the heart of Moab, Utah. Moab is the gateway community to both Arches and Canyonlands National Parks. The campus is located just 3 blocks from Main Street, one block from the Grand County Public Library, and just a few blocks from the MARC (Moab Arts and Recreation Center), Star Hall, and the Moab City ballfields. Additionally, the school is located next to the Sunflower Hill Inn, an iconic Moab property offering overnight accommodations to visitors of both the area and the school.

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